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Additional reporting from Stefan Wagstyl in Berlin
Or, this year, to be women with a story to tell about abuse, sexual or otherwise — a couple of whom shared #MeToo moments in our pages. Carlotta Gall told the story of Henda Ayari, a French citizen of North African heritage and anti-Salafist activist who accused a prominent Oxford professor of raping her.

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“A hiring manager was reading the wrong person’s resume.”
Beauty and Evolution

Migrants working in rich countries sent home almost half a trillion dollars in 2016, helping to lift families out of poverty by providing financial stability, access to education, housing and healthcare, according to a global report.


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  • 渠道战将成为地板企业的下一个征战地
  • 统计局:楼市调控取得成效 风险也得到初步控制
  • 房地产面临去库存压力 建材市场“金九”难现下行态势明显


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